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The main impact of the subclass of hallucinogenic medications known as psychedelics is to induce abnormal states of consciousness (known as psychedelic experiences or “trips”). Specific psychological, visual, and auditory alterations result from this, as well as frequently a significantly changed state of consciousness. Psychedelic states are sometimes contrasted with transcendental, psychodynamic, or contemplative sorts of mental modifications. Mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT are considered the “traditional” psychedelics since they have had the most significant impact on science and culture.

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Legal barriers have made the scientific study of psychedelics more difficult. Research has been conducted, however, and studies show that psychedelics are physiologically safe and rarely lead to addiction. Studies conducted using psilocybin in a psychotherapeutic setting reveal that psychedelic drugs may assist with treating depression, alcohol addiction, and nicotine addiction. Although further research is needed, existing results suggest that psychedelics could be effective treatments for certain forms of psychopathology. Proponents believe that the increase in consumption of psychedelics in defiance of the law is likely to result in more widespread legalization and decriminalization of the substances (as was the case with cannabis). In 2022, 28% of Americans have tried psychedelics.

The psychedelic experience is often compared to non-ordinary forms of consciousness such as those experienced in meditation, mystical experiences, and near-death experiences, which also appear to be partially underpinned by altered default mode network activity. The phenomenon of ego death is often described as a key feature of the psychedelic experience.

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For their alleged capacity to facilitate bodily and mental healing, traditional psychedelics have a long history of usage in traditional medicine and traditional religion. They are frequently referred to as entheogens in this context. Native American healers have reported success treating alcoholism with mescaline-containing cacti, most notably peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian torch, and Mazatec practitioners regularly employ psilocybin mushrooms for divination and healing. In Peru and other countries in South America, the psychedelic beverage ayahuasca is used during religious celebrations as well as for physical and spiritual healing. 


The proposed use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental problems is known as “psychedelic therapy” or “psychedelic-assisted therapy.” In most nations, psychedelic drugs are considered controlled narcotics as of 2021, and with a few exceptions, psychedelic therapy is not currently permitted outside of clinical studies.

Psychedelic therapy has a different process than therapies that rely on traditional psychiatric drugs. When used in modern psychedelic treatment, the substance is often provided in a single session (or occasionally up to three sessions) in a therapeutic setting, as opposed to traditional drugs, which are typically taken unsupervised at least once daily. The therapeutic team helps the patient integrate learnings from the drug experience after preparing them for the experience beforehand.


Recreational use of psychedelics is common.


Psychedelic microdosing is the practice of using sub-threshold doses (microdoses) of psychedelics in an attempt to improve creativity, boost physical energy levels, and emotional balance, increase performance on problem-solving tasks and treat anxiety, depression, and addiction. The practice of microdosing has become more widespread in the 21st century with more people claiming long-term benefits from the practice.


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